OurCrowd Jobs Index Q4 2020

Startups increase hiring despite lingering pandemic Job openings at OurCrowd companies in Israel jump to 400% in 6 months; increase 250% globallySoftware engineers are most in demandHybrid workplace/remote working expected to continue The OurCrowd Jobs Index is a...

[ByondXR in Global Cosmetics Industry] Lancôme Launches Virtual Stores

Lancôme is now presenting a full-scale simulation of physical experiences as a part of its e-commerce. It will allow customers to interact with goods and customer service represen­tatives. Read more here.

Covid-busting nasal spray begins UK trials

Clinical trials are underway in the United Kingdom to test a nasal spray to kill the coronavirus in the nose before it can infect the rest of the body, potentially saving lives and slowing the pandemic. Developed by Vancouver-based SaNotize Research and Development...

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