OurCrowd Jobs Index Q4 2020

Startups increase hiring despite lingering pandemic Job openings at OurCrowd companies in Israel jump to 400% in 6 months; increase 250% globallySoftware engineers are most in demandHybrid workplace/remote working expected to continue The OurCrowd Jobs Index is a...

Covid-busting nasal spray begins UK trials

Clinical trials are underway in the United Kingdom to test a nasal spray to kill the coronavirus in the nose before it can infect the rest of the body, potentially saving lives and slowing the pandemic. Developed by Vancouver-based SaNotize Research and Development...

Cyabra: IDF cyber-sleuths defend US government, celebrities and companies against disinformation

As the coronavirus pandemic fuels a wave of online disinformation, governments, public personalities and companies are turning to technology to weed out the fake social media profiles and bad actors behind disinformation and deception. With millions more people...

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