We read a heck of a lot of material during a work week. From deal flow to industry research, it’s important for us to stay on top of our game.

Here’s a smattering of what crossed our desks (monitors) this past week. Hopefully, you can find a smattering of usefulness in these links.


Tel Aviv: 1 of the 10 cheapest stock markets in the world (Globes): “In 2011, in line with the global trend, the Israeli market fell. But internal and external forces last year resulted in only a partial correction in Israel, while all other markets enjoyed rising prices.”

The n0-effort email to convert free users to paying customers (Unbounce): Sometimes it pays to have a senior leader reach out to prospects.

Wading into dark pools (Barron’s): NYSE’s dark pool for small investors hasn’t been as disruptive as many feared.

The new way we make web headlines now (The Awl): “Our actions are increasingly passive online, and we really are just looking for something to watch, click, share and receive.”

How to view the entire free Kindle lending library from your browser (Lifehacker): Amazon doesn’t make it easy to find but here’s how.

Multiplayer mobile gaming network Nextpeer adds 100k users a day (TechCrunch): An OurCrowd portfolio company sees massive interest in its SDK to take uniplayer games and make them social.

The most interesting online video trend (Mark Suster): What the interest in the Harlem Shake says about the future of video and TV.

A tale of 2 chemists turned winemakers (NoCamels): A story about wine but also about Israeli technology.

How to perform an SEO audit (Neil Patel): SEO guru provides a great template to measure and improve how search engines see a website.

Top email tools for salespeople (SalesLoft): More and more technology is making its way into salespeople’s email clients.

4 Israeli apps nominated for Global Mobile Awards (Israel21c): Waze, MyCheck, uTest, and recently sold, Intucell are all nominees up for top prize at the contest during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

How to develop an agile and integrated marketing team with Google Reader (BlueGlass): Interesting approach to using Google Reader to help spread and share knowledge across an organization.


What are you reading?

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