NextPeer was featured in TechCrunch today for reportedly adding over 100K users per day as its latest games went viral. An excerpt below:

It can be a tough life out there for mobile-social gaming platforms. With Apple’s Game Center covering the bare basics and GREE’s recent shutdown of OpenFeint, it’s arguable that there isn’t that much room for another mobile gaming platform.

Yet there are a few startups that are trying to do it by offering something differentiated.

Indeed, NextPeer’s unique business model is different from other platforms and has brought it such massive user growth. Whenever a game developer using NextPeer creates a smash hit, NextPeer rides off the game’s success, serving those hundreds of thousands of new users. At the same time, the developers find enormous benefit from NextPeer’s system:

“In the beginning, we didn’t have tons and tons of players,” [the game developer] said. “You’d always just have to wait for people to come and play. We’d get reviews saying that the game was cool but that people wanted to play against somebody.”

Having implemented NextPeer’s multiplayer system, the developer tells TechCrunch that he’s now making $2000-$3000 per day from advertising and in-app purchases.

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