Latest news from Startup Nation: Israeli tech provides key sensor technology for the NASA Solar Probe. Read on for more, including how Toyota is using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Robots, and to find out the theme for this year’s OurCrowd Global Investor Summit.  

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It should not come as a surprise that Israel is providing key sensor technology for the NASA Solar Probe. Israel has world-leading vision and imaging technology, that power applications as diverse as autonomous driving (Mobileye), chip inspection (Orbotech), airborne agricultural imaging (Taranis), and next-generation spectrometry (Consumer Physics).

GDPR compliance in days instead of months? Cognigo says it can help companies accomplish this. Congratulations to Cognigo on its $8.5M raise, led by OurCrowd.

“When you look at where Toyota, the Japanese industry giant, has recently invested, it’s clear the company is preparing to remain relevant and competitive in the 4th industrial revolution as a result of its investments and innovation in artificial intelligence, big data and robots.” The Amazing Ways Toyota Is Using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Robots.

Read this to understand why the world of password free authentication is so important…Passwordless Experiences Are Not as Secure as They Seems.

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We’ve got companies that are literally changing the world or on that track. Startups’ global impact is our theme at the 2019 Global Investor Summit; join people from across our global ecosystem who come to learn, network, invest, and party. (OurCrowd Blog

OurCrowd Qure Managing Partner Allen Kamer named on CB Insights’ Healthcare ‘smart people’ list; read his thoughts on trends with the greatest impact on healthcare. (CB Insights)

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