“We’ve got companies that are literally changing the world or have the potential to do so. There’s no better place to get involved with that than our Summit, where people from all over the global ecosystem come to learn, network, invest, and party.” – Jon Medved, CEO of OurCrowd

We are excited to announce the theme of the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, taking place in Jerusalem, on March 7: “Startups: Making a Global Impact,” reflecting the incredible power of breakthrough technologies to make a real and lasting difference in the world.

From MedTech companies using scanning technology that reverses spinal injuries to IoT sensors deployed in AgTech to conserve water and increase crop yields, the potential for startups to improve the lives of individuals and societies alike is beginning to be realized in a big way.

We’ll be featuring this throughout the upcoming Summit – onstage, in working sessions, and in a multitude of tech demos. Some highlights:

  • Startups as Impact: Hear how investing in private markets may avoid the trade-off of return for environmental and societal goals. Then hear firsthand from top speakers how multinational corporations are leveraging startup technologies to remake industries, markets, and the world we live in. (See our research article on startups as impact investments.)
  • The Power of the Crowd: The awesome capacity of linked networks to add unprecedented value is well-known. Hear case studies on how our 25,000-strong investor network contributes capital, personnel, and deal flow.
  • The Impact of Innovation: The Summit will also explore the global challenges and opportunities represented by the innovation revolution, including debates about the ethics of genetic editing, how society should prepare humans for the robotic future, and how today’s technologies can address environmental and social crises.

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Our choice of theme this year was almost inevitable. One of the most exciting sessions at last year’s Summit told the stories of three startups “saving the world.” In one, Sgt. John Michael O’Hare, a detective at the Hartford, Connecticut police department, spoke movingly about using Briefcam technology to catch a predator of children. (Briefcam was subsequently acquired by Canon for $90 million.)

And in a closing keynote, Sir Ronald Cohen, former head of Apex Partners and currently Chairman of The Portland Trust and the Social Impact Investment Taskforce, made the case for “The New Investment Paradigm: Doing Good While Doing Well.” Inspiring the audience, Sir Ronald said, “Impact investing – that’s where the investor money is going to flow and that’s where the talent is going to flow and that’s where the opportunities are going to flow.”

At this year’s Summit, we’ll be revealing the winners of important awards for contributions to social impact, connecting the tech ecosystem, and more. And you’ll hear the announcement of a related, one-of-a-kind investment vehicle.

A week of can’t-miss events will take place around the Summit, with people coming to Israel from around the globe to engage and party in the Innovation Nation.

Details, deadlines, and speakers will all be announced in the coming months leading up to the Summit.  Keep tabs through the Summit website, and follow #OCSummit19.

Register here now – demand for tickets is already running at twice the rate as last year!

By Eric Brand
Director of Corporate Marketing, OurCrowd

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