The latest from the Startup Nation: another exciting exit from the Israeli high-tech scene as The Trendlines Group goes public on SGX; amazing innovations and technologies turning science fiction ideas into reality; Meni Rosenfeld discussing Israeli-made tech behind the global bitcoin revolution; and more…

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The Trendlines Group launches IPO on the Singapore Stock Exchange

Trendlines NLIsraeli technological incubator & OurCrowd portfolio company The Trendlines Group went public on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Trendlines develops early stage companies in the medical and agricultural sectors. Learn more.

OurCrowd & Portfolio Companies in the News

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How Israeli tech makes science fiction into fact, on display

SCiO NLThe science fiction of yesterday is the science fact of today – and some of those made-in-Israel science facts were on display last week at the Israeli headquarters of EMC in celebration of Global Innovation Day. Learn more.

Meni Rosenfeld on the Israeli-made tech behind the bitcoin revolution

Meni Rosenfeld NLDigital currency still struggles with an image problem, but the technology that makes it work is being used in a growing number of industries. Many of the startups that find unique uses for the technology are located in Israel. Learn more.

First health education tech hackathon gets underway

Ben-Gurion_University_of_the_Negev.svgBen-Gurion University’s Faculty of Health Sciences initiates INNOVATE2EDUCATE hackathon to begin development of new teaching methods. Learn more.

Startups to give elevator pitches aboard moving train

Dollar train 2 NLInvestors and corporate reps riding the MoneyTrain will stop at 30 stations in Israel to hear entrepreneurial ideas from outside theTel Aviv startup bubble. Learn more.

OurCrowd’s News Nuggets

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  • Behavioural analytics security firm, Fortscale, raises $16M (e27)
  • Advertising technology startup, Inneractive, raising $20M (Globes)
  • A brief history of Israeli innovation [Infographic] (

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