This month, OurCrowd was named the top equity crowdfunding platform in KPMG’s The 50 Best Fintech Innovators Report, reaching the number #22 spot overall.

KPMG-logoThe 50 Best Fintech Innovators report is a collaborative effort between AWI, KPMG Australia and the Financial Services Council (FSC), and provides an analysis of the rapidly evolving fintech industry worldwide, identifying the global ‘50 Best’ performers. The report states that the selected companies are those using technology to the best advantage and driving disruption within the financial services industry.

This report identified four other equity crowdfunding platforms in the top 50, including: CircleUp (#23), AngelList (#35), Crowdcube (#46) and Seedrs (#47).

KPMG rankings

OurCrowd ranked #22 in KPMG’s 50 Fintech Innovators, Borro ranked #8

BorroIn the same list of innovators, KPMG also named a company that is currently raising funds on OurCrowd: Borro, an online lending platform who at #8, came in just behind the two recent IPO success stories of Lending Club (#6), and OnDeck (#7). Borro is a UK-US based, online asset-backed lending platform with an investor roster that includes the same early investors in leading fintech innovators such as Lending Club, Zopa, Wealthfront, and Funding Circle.

Access the full list: The 50 Best Fintech Innovators Report