Meet OurCrowd’s new President, Anthony DeChellis, who featured in the Teach-In Tuesdays webinar below. Anthony, who brings to the discussion his extensive experience in the private banking and institutional finance world, presents the changing investing ecosystem and how the wisdom of the crowd will soon rule the world of finance.

Anthony DeChellisAnthony DeChellis previously served as CEO of Private Banking Americas at Credit Suisse, headed Private Wealth Management at UBS, and held a range of leadership positions at Merrill Lynch, including Manager of the European Private Banking Business.

This webinar explored:

  • The changing investment ecosystem: The evolution of the advisor-investor relationship and the trends to watch
  • For the people, by the people: Moving from passive investing to participatory investing via crowdfunding
  • Wisdom of the crowd: How individual investors as a collective are driving the future of investment


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