Perhaps you’ve considered dipping your toes in angel investing, but weren’t sure where to begin. Or maybe you have a friend or colleague who you know would be a good fit – if they had the right tools to get started.

With the rise of the “socialization of finance” – a new movement that is directly affecting the way people invest their money – new platforms and investment opportunities are becoming more accessible to the general public. The hurdle we often hear is, but how do we learn the basics?

This is why we launched the angel investing email course: a free get-started series for beginning angel investors. OurCrowd’s team has gained insights, knowledge and experience from growing the leading equity crowdfunding startup investment platform and now it’s time to help a rising population of angels become the next set of successful players in this ecosystem.

Over 8 days, we will deliver tips, strategies and more, compiled from seasoned investment professionals, via email. If you’re serious about startup investing, this primer is the place to begin.

Enroll in this free angel investing course to learn:

  1. Tips and strategies from professionals: You’ll be introduced to best investment practices, tips and strategies that professionals use to invest in startups
  2. Toolbox of investment resources: Knowledge is key to successful startup investing and in this course, you’ll become equipped with the investment tools to make better, more informed decisions
  3. Ways to identify investable opportunities: Learn how to gain access to quality investment opportunities and build a pipeline of deals that any angel investor would be envious of

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