Geektime, the largest tech blog in Israel, has set out to sift through the hundreds of Israeli mobile apps flooding the market right now in an attempt to find the top applications. Geektime will measure the app’s popularity according to characteristics, opinions, reviews in app stores and other additional criteria. The rating will be updated on a monthly basis and new additions, along with rank changes, will be tracked accordingly.

geektime-whiteThere are many websites, blogs and articles dedicated to app rankings out there, but Geektime’s ranking is unique in that it provides a platform through which we can look at the best apps the Start-up Nation has to offer, the crème de la crème of Israeli innovation. In their article, the Geektime team express what they hope to achieve with the mobile app ranking:

To provide order to the chaos we decided to parade some the best Israeli applications out there on the market, both those that are famous, and even a few you might not yet know about – but you should.

Until recently Israel hasn’t had a lot of success with consumer apps, but the lucrative Waze-Google acquisition may have finally put Israel on the map as a major player in consumer innovation. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Waze ranked 1st place in the Israeli application table. The runner-up is Viber, followed by Any.DO in 3rd place and in 4th place. Finishing off the top five is ooVoo. Companies interested in submitting their app for review can fill out a form here.

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