For many years now, business conferences have become great ways to meet new people, create business partners, and ultimately grow your bottom line. But nowadays, conferences have grown so large that it is nearly impossible to identify the people you want to meet!

Additionally, how could anyone know who you are?

There may be a golden opportunity standing in front of you that you don’t even know existed.

Making attending conferences more productive

Bizzabo is a smartphone application that fixes this problem. The application enables real time business opportunities at conferences and events by allowing the user to actively search for and find his or her perfect business match. Bizzabo uses advances algorithms based on users’ business profiles to suggest the most suitable matches, making the people you meet well worth your time. The application also suggests you as a match for other people there, relays real time event updates, and allows the user to manage future and past events.

Who knows — with Bizzabo, maybe you’ll also find someone to hang out with at the bar AFTER the conference. After all, isn’t that why so many of us go to conferences in the first place?

Bizzabo was created in May, 2011 by Eran Ben-Shushan, and raised $1.5 Million in venture funding.

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