OurCrowd’s portfolio growth is expanding: this month, featured opportunities include innovative companies in the medical technology and cyber security spaces.

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TheraCoat: Hydrogel-based drug delivery

TheraCoat logo A major pain point for pharmacologists when developing drugs is finding a substance that can efficiently deliver the needed medication before the body’s natural fluids wash it away. TheraCoat’s Intracavity Drug Retention System (ICDR) was created to solve that very problem. Their patent-protected substance liquefies when in cool temperatures and hardens in hot temperatures.

The ICDR is mixed with the necessary drug and taken in liquid form. When the liquid reaches the cavity, body heat causes the substance to harden and stick to the walls of the cavity. This enables the drug to be emitted at a slow, consistent rate, without being washed away by the body’s fluid. So far, TheraCoat has experienced significant early traction, conducting a number of successful test trials and securing regulatory clearance in a number of countries.

OurCrowd is joined by a number of other co-investors, including a major pharmaceutical company, in this round of investment in TheraCoat.

Learn more about our investment in TheraCoat.

PulmOne: Bringing lung function testing to the desktop

PulmOne logoSince the 1950’s, lung function testing was conducted in an expensive phone booth-like structure called “the body box.” Because of the prohibitive size of this machine, physicians have not been able to conduct pulmonology testing in their offices, forcing patients to visit clinics and hospitals to get testing done.

After nearly 60 years without innovation, PulmOne created the MiniBox, a desktop sized device that accurately measures lung functionality. This FDA approved technology is a smaller, more accurate device that has an addressable market size of over $1B.

A physician with over 40 years experience said about PulmOne’s product, “The PulmOne MiniBox will allow primary care docs to have them in their office and get paid for Pulmonary Function Tests rather then sending them out. Great idea. Primary care Physicians have very few procedures for which they can bill. It’s all about the money.”

This is OurCrowd’s second round of investment in PulmOne.

Learn more about our investment in PulmOne.

Crosswise: Mapping users across devices for digital advertising

Crosswise logoGeneral advertising is a steadily growing industry with nearly $515B of annual expenditure. This market is poised to grow even more due to consumers increased use of multiple devices.

Crosswise leverages big data analytics to create a statistical correlation between one user and their many devices. Advertisers can now more accurately target relevant audiences on all of their devices instead of relying on the “spray and pray” method of advertising. This revolutionary technology will lower the cost of advertising and increase conversions by getting the right ads to the right people at the right time.

OurCrowd is joined by an impressive list of strategic investors in this round of investment in Crosswise.

Learn more about our investment in Crosswise.

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