“For business executives in the Gulf like myself who have enjoyed friendships and business relationships with Israelis for many years, the Abraham Accords signed a year ago opened a new market,” writes Dr. Sabah al-Binali, GCC Venture Capital Partner and Head of the Gulf Region for OurCrowd. “Many Emiratis have spent time studying or working in the United States or Europe and our connections with Jewish and Israeli colleagues go back a long time. The Abraham Accords between the UAE and Israel gave us a chance to explore the opportunities arising from those relationships.” The UAE “has deep business connections in Africa and Southeast Asia and it makes sense for OurCrowd to use the UAE as a base from which to reach these regions. We aim to become a twin to OurCrowd HQ in Israel, providing the same services, the same investments, the same support to start-ups in Africa and the Eastern Hemisphere, mirroring the success of OurCrowd’s existing business in Israel, Europe and North America. We can also be a gateway to the wider world,” al-Binali writes in the Jerusalem Post 

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