As the corporate IT environment grows increasingly complex, with remote working continuing apace and hybrid becoming the new normal, while cloud services exponentially expand, companies are losing visibility into cybersecurity threats. Israel’s cybersecurity expertise has made it a global powerhouse, attracting 42% of all cyber investment in H1 2021. OurCrowd is investing in Cymptom, an early-stage Israeli startup that has developed risk assessment technology to identify cyberattack paths, warn companies which vulnerabilities are highest priority and suggest how to address them. Breach and attack simulation (BAS) is a relatively new cybersecurity approach that relies on automated and continuous simulations of attacks. BAS is easier than manual penetration testing and is continuously updated. Cymptom won Cybersecurity Startup of the Year Best Product in the 2021 Global InfoSec Awards. The company already has eight paying customers and 12 active PoC pilots underway, with many more in the pipeline. The company’s ARR is growing rapidly. The company’s President, Gilad Gans, previously served as the Managing Director for SAP Israel, and was the President of Stratasys North America. Investors participating in this round include Israeli cybersecurity guru and existing investor Pinchas Buchris, a former Director-General of the Israel Defense Ministry, and a former commander of the storied Unit 8200 of Israel Military Intelligence. This $8M Series A round will be used to grow sales, marketing and fund additional R&D.

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