Tel Aviv’s public transit system is ahead of the game. Read up on this news items and more stories from the Startup Nation, below…

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Tel Aviv among 10 first cities to incorporate driverless cars in public transit

Israel’s bustling metropolis Tel Aviv is among a handful of cities worldwide to incorporate driverless cars in its public transit system. Read more.

OurCrowd & Portfolio Companies in the News

Global entities come shopping for Israeli cybersecurity

As computer devices and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity continue to break new boundaries and create changes to our lifestyle, new cybersecurity technologies to defend our tech-savvy lives are crucial. Read more.

Unicorn dreams: Who will be the next billion dollar Israeli startup

A popular new pastime in Israel’s tech scene is hunting unicorns. No, not the mythical horse-like creatures with one horn, but startups valued at $1 billion or more. Read more.

Largest equity crowdfunding conference ever: OurCrowd delivers the crowd with forthcoming Jerusalem event

OurCrowd, a leading global equity crowdfunding platform, is ready to host their Global Investor Summit this coming February. Read more.


News Nuggets

  • Cellcom, Nokia set up IoT innovation lab (Globes)
  • Israeli fintech company Earnix raises $13.5M (Globes)
  • Israeli algo-commerce company Feedvisor raises $20M (Globes)
  • Tech Talk: And the resutls of the 2017 Geek Awards are in! (Jerusalem Post)
  • Radware buys out cyber security startup Seculert for data center solution (Geektime)

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