Last month we had hundreds of investors from around the world join us for events from our new webinar series called Teach-In Tuesdays.

In this series, we explore investing in early-stage Israeli companies, identify and explain influential tech trends, stay up-to-date with the crowdfunding industry, and examine actionable insights from our own experience running OurCrowd’s investment platform.

During June, we’re hosting 2 exciting installments of our Teach-In Tuesdays series. Register for them below.

Finding the space to invest: SpaceIL and Israel’s place in the new space race

Tuesday, June 10th (7:00 PM Israel / 12:00 PM NYC /  9:00 AM San Francisco)

Join Zack Miller, Head of the Investor Community at OurCrowd, and Yariv Bash, co-founder of SpaceIL, for a lively discussion about SpaceIL’s audacious vision to make history by landing the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon (on a shoe-string budget). SpaceIL is competing for $20 million as part of a Google competition to encourage entrepreneurial activity in the space sector.

Join us to learn:

  • Why donors (including Sheldon Adelson for $16.4 million) are so passionate about contributing to Israel and SpaceIL
  • The amazing story behind the founding of SpaceIL, crowdsourcing,  and what drives the founders to try and get to the moon
  • How the team is developing a grassroots — volunteer — ecosystem around space travel and what the future looks like for the hundreds of engineers volunteering to make this a reality

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Success Stories of Women in the Startup Nation

Tuesday, June 24th (7:00 PM Israel / 12:00 PM NYC /  9:00 AM San Francisco)

Join Evelyn Rubin, Business Development Partner at OurCrowd and Zack Miller, Head of the Investor Community at OurCrowd for an in-depth discussion on the recent progress of women entrepreneurs, why we are seeing more women-led enterprises and what it will take to encourage more women to take the entrepreneurial plunge.

We are honored to also have two leading female business leaders, Orna Mintz-Dov (CEO of Intellix) and Ranit Fink (Chief Business Development Officer at Cellrox) on the call to discuss their experiences in the field.

Join us to learn:

  • About the advantages of being a woman in the male-dominated Israeli tech scene
  • Personal experiences from the trenches
  • Sage advice from experienced woman entrepreneurs

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Looking forward to your participation on the webinar,

Zack Miller and OurCrowd’s Investor Education Team