Bigger? Better? Try ‘smarter’!

If you haven’t heard the term by now, Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the growing trend of machine-to-machine connectivity, where Internet-enabled “dumb” devices have a network connection to collect and utilize actionable intelligence about everyday life.

The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) industry has been one of the biggest trends in tech in recent years and especially during 2015, where new innovation is disrupting traditional industries across the board.” – Forbes

Over the past recent months, there has been a growing amount of impressive IoT activity coming out of Israel. To help visualize this new wave of Israeli innovation, a Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv early-stage venture capital firm — solely backed by Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt — Innovation Endeavors, mapped the 2015 Israeli Internet of Things Landscape.

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According to their study, there are 330 Israeli IoT companies across five verticals and 23 sub-verticals, from the seed stages all the way to revenue growth. Out of the featured IoT startups operating in Israel, 11 are OurCrowd portfolio companies!

Kudos to Consumer Physics (SCiO), Pixie, eVigilo, BT9, mPrest, Clipfort, MUV Interactive, Engie, Parko, Argus, and CropX for growing and supporting the greater IoT ecosystem going forward.

IoT landscape 2015

Download the 2015 Israeli IoT Landscape Here