When Israel’s next astronaut takes off for the International Space Station later this year, he will take the latest cybersecurity equipment from OurCrowd portfolio company QuantLR, The Times of Israel reports. As part of his mission, astronaut Eytan Stibbe will demonstrate how the startup’s technology can help secure information traveling between satellites and networks on earth. QuantLR’s platform protects data in the coming age of supercomputers when current encryption codes will be easily deciphered and become obsolete. The company solves this problem with a method based on the principles of quantum mechanics developed by Albert Einstein more than 50 years ago. It has worked out a way to encrypt information in particles of light, which even the fastest computers cannot decode. “We are creating a new way to defend data,” says Shlomi Cohen, CEO and co-founder of QuantLR. “It’s like an Iron Dome for data,” he adds, referring to Israel’s well-known air-defense system.

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