Disruption is the hallmark of a startup serious about success. In the last few decades, nearly every major global industry has undergone a renaissance thanks to at least one innovative entrepreneur’s vision to solve a problem. It turns out, venture capital investing is no exception to this phenomenon.

Before OurCrowd and other equity crowdfunding platforms came along, only people willing to write big checks and those well-connected professionals could get access to competitive, vetted deals. Now, individual angel investors can access the same deal flow as top tier venture capital firms, giving them the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing.

This new, broadened access, however, comes with responsibility. In order to succeed and see the huge returns we so often read about, investors need to get self-educated on best practices and strategies for how to decipher the winners from the losers. The investment professionals at OurCrowd put together the following comprehensive guide to help empower you with the knowledge needed to become an independent venture capitalist.

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  • Startups 101: Gain an understanding of standard startup investing and term sheet jargon
  • The Keys to Access: Learn tips on how to get involved in startup investing
  • Best Practices: Before you dive in, we pass along what makes experienced angel investors rinse and repeat
  • Fairytale Ending: What to expect at the end of a successful startup investment

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