Big news: The Israeli Cabinet is set to approve the export of medical cannabis. We are excited that an investment of ours is one of the few that qualify for the export, and are proud to take part in the growth of the thriving Cannabis Tech sector as we partner with Colorado-based 7thirty to build the world’s leading global cannabis technology venture capital fund. Watch a recap of OurCrowd’s time in Las Vegas at CES 2019, where our companies participated and made headlines. Then claim your ticket for the Israeli version of CES, the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit on March 7th.


Startup Nation and beyond

Our man in Africa, David Mataen, writes: On innovation, Israel is the place to watch.

Congratulations to AI chip startup Hailo Technologies, expanding its series A to more than $20 million! Read about the Hailo-8 Fast Track Program, offering selected partners the chance to evaluate samples of the Hailo-8 processor.

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“Wait a minute… things are actually getting better — and not worse — for security practitioners today?” What’s New for Security Startups? (Andreessen Horowitz)

Gaming is Eating Media… and Pokemon is Just the Start(Battery Ventures) 

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The agenda for the Global Investor Summit is shaping up with amazing speakers and content! Take a look at what’s coming:

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We currently have 500+ open positions at our global portfolio companies. Here are a few of the most exciting:

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