Cancer, diabetes, and drug abuse are among what come to mind when thinking of modern plagues on our society. These plagues are daunting and seemingly unsolvable. The modern minds behind startup technology are actually aiming to solve these issues.

Overcoming opioid addiction

Startups are utilizing technology – from AI to cannabis tech – to develop cures and solutions for overcoming opioid addiction. Riley Cote, NHL hockey player, went so far as to state at the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit that the prohibition of cannabis is actually the direct cause of the opioid crisis. Cote spoke from personal experience when he said that cannabis is a useful tool to deal with pain, and significantly less dangerous and addictive than opioids or other pain killers. Advancing this breakthrough forward, a startup called Syqe Medical has developed a pocket-sized cannabis based inhaler that is one of the promising alternatives for opioid use as a painkiller.

Dr. Gidi Stein, co-founder and CEO of MedAware, also discussed the steps he and his colleagues are taking to end pain killer addiction. Dr. Stein told a true story of a 19 year old young adult, Cory, who was prescribed opioids when he suffered from multiple fractures in his arm and shoulder. Cory initially used these pain killers for his injury, but within a few years and several stints in rehabilitation centers, Cory was found dead due to an overdose of opioids. Enter MedAware – a healthcare startup that harnesses AI and big data analytics with the aim of preventing dangerous drug prescription errors, and monitoring a patient’s drug usage with the ability to intervene before the drug becomes addictive.

Healthy lifestyle for a healthy life

CEO Dana Chanan and her team at Sweetch are working with AI technology to prevent diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and IBD by implementing personalized lifestyle and exercise tips for people who suffer from these diseases. Sweetch is actually partnering with Icon, a startup providing integrated cancer services using mobile technology, to create specific personalized exercise routines for breast cancer patients.

To hear more from Riley Cote, Dr. Gidi Stein and Dana Chanan about the modern plagues we are facing and the steps they are taking to diminish their repercussions, watch the full clip of their talks at the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit.

Dr. Gidi Stein is a practicing physician, researcher and serial entrepreneur. Early in his career, Gidi served as CTO and Chief Architect of several algorithm-rich startup companies in Israel. In 2002, Gidi graduated from Tel Aviv University Medical School and later specialized in internal medicine, treating patients and teaching students and residents in one of Israel’s largest hospitals. Gidi received a PhD in Computational Biology from Tel Aviv University, harnessing mathematical and biological models to help fight breast cancer. A few years ago, Gidi co-founded MedAware, utilizing AI to reduce medication-related risks and promote patient safety.

Dana Chanan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sweetch, that developed an AI platform that promotes health, improves clinical outcomes and prevents diseases in a highly personalized and scalable way. Dana has extensive experience in leading product divisions with focus on consumer’s behavior, user experience and engagement through gamification. Dana practices the implementing of behavioral change methodologies within technologies to effect large scales populations. Previously, executive team member at Playtech, 888 and Snaptu.