The Wall Street Journal recently wrote that London is hosting 15 Israeli tech companies in hopes of changing public opinion: that London is not just a stop on the way to Silicon Valley.

Israel has branded itself as “The Startup Nation,” a name that has been thrown around in all four corners of the earth. But with all of this talent and ingenuity, there is a lot of competition for Israeli entrepreneurs. In order to get ahead, many entrepreneurs travel abroad and obtain foreign experience before coming back and making it big.

London is geographically closer to Israel than the states and is only a two hour time difference. That is a big plus. When Israeli’s travel to California, they are burdened by the time difference and the 16 hour flight. London seems like a logical place for Israeli’s to expand.

London is in competition with many other countries trying to accumulate these Israeli entrepreneurs searching for business experience abroad. And it seems that London is doing a pretty darn good job. But is London a better place to start up a company than Israel?

Israel is one of the best places in the world to start a company. Huge technology giants have R&D centers in Israel and US heavyweights snap up Israeli startups on a regular basis. Last year alone, Israeli startups attracted more than $2 billion in venture capital, and raised more money per capita than any other country. By a lot.

The fight over Israeli entrepreneurship continues. Countries all over the world are impacted by Israeli innovation, and I believe that Israelis will soon become leaders of global companies. As I wrote about recently, Shmuel Eden, the CEO of Intel Israel, is a leading candidate to become the next CEO of Intel. It is only a matter of time until more Israelis take global positions. 

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Photo courtesy of RanAlmog