The latest issue of OurCrowd’s Innovation Insider discusses the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on technology, medicine, and entrepreneurship. In this publication we theorize that these recent developments are not only designed to help adapt to life during the pandemic, but are the beginning of a new reality. The issue covers topics such as telehealth, travel, retail, and finance.

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“Intensive Care” by Medical Investment Analyst Ariel Krause discusses the long-term changes she anticipates as a result of the adjustments made during the pandemic. This includes increased time-efficiency with medical testing and diagnoses. Krause also anticipates that there will be “greater agility in how hospitals and equipment are structured.” In order to “optimize infection containment and control,” Krause expects hospitals will move away from their curtain separated rooms.

In “Have a Biosafe Flight, Yakir Machluf, Mobility Lead at OurCrowd writes about the changes we can expect regarding air-travel and increases in biosecurity. Machluf notes that it will likely take years for airline industries to reach their 2019 numbers, but with the help of startup companies, they are already starting to redesign air-travel to fit pandemic and post-pandemic sanitation guidelines.

“Counter Attack” by Investment Principal Kfir Kachlon and Natalie Milstein addresses the full-speed transition of retail stores in light of COVID-19. The article notes that these changes were a long time coming for the retail industry, but with the spread of COVID-19, these companies have been forced to remodel their in-person experiences. Through AI and other technological developments, retailers are remodeling their brick-and-mortar stores to allow customers to shop with increased sanitation and cleanliness, and now minimal person-to-person interaction.

“Chain Gang” by Eytan Buchman, CMO of expands on our society’s reliance on a “functioning global supply chain.” The necessity of global trade was highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic in conjunction with an increased reliance on e-commerce. Many companies have resorted to expanding the role of technology in supply chain logistics in order to increase their productivity and their ability to function during the pandemic.

In “Cashing In,Fintech Lead Josh Liggett suggests that COVID was the push that banks needed to focus more on digital banking. While many consumers still go to physical banks out of concern for the cyber risks involved with online banking, there are startups available to help banks increase data protection.  

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