“Still today I have no idea how I lost control. The car turned over three times. I got out of the car fully conscious, telling everyone I feel great, but I just can’t feel my legs.”

For centuries, paraplegics like Israeli software engineer Adir Siman Tov, 27, had one option for mobility: wheelchairs, which can have damaging psychological, medical and financial effects. Twenty years old at the time of the accident, Adir felt a “giant black cloud” hanging over him.

Then came UPnRIDE Robotics. Founded by Dr. Amit Goffer, a quadriplegic, the company is passionate about changing the lives of mobility- impaired individuals. UPnRIDE’s wheeled robotic device brings the user from sitting to standing position, providing upright and seated mobility, indoors or outdoors, over a variety of surfaces and slopes.

Adir met his wife six years after the accident and dreamt of standing up at their marriage ceremony. After some research, he found UPnRIDE and sent them a message. Determined to help the disabled, UPnRIDE delivered.

“I got to the chuppah, to her… bending over towards her, looking her in the eyes, this time from top to bottom… The smile did not come off of my face. It made my wedding holy and special. It felt like I reached a new peak.”

Watch Adir emerge on the UPnRIDE device at the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit as well as UPnRIDE CEO Oren Tamari in the below video:

This article is an excerpt from OurCrowd’s Q1 Innovation Insider. Download it here.