What’s new? e-commerce giant eBay is buying Israeli startup SalesPredict. What’s trending? Israelis are developing new technologies for the myriad needs of the graying population. Who’s innovating? Dr. Kira Radinsky has just been appointed eBay Israel chief scientist. Read up on these news items and more, below.

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eBay acquires Israeli startup SalesPredict

SalesPredict NL.mineBay is acquiring SalesPredict, which uses advanced analytics to predict consumer-buying behavior. This is eBay’s latest move to build up its machine-learning capabilities in order to clean up its product catalog. Learn more.

OurCrowd & Portfolio Companies in the News

12 Aging-Tech Israeli startups to watch

Aging-tech NL.minThe world’s fast-growing over-60 population needs tech solutions for everything from retirement planning to health monitoring, and Israeli companies are stepping up to meet the challenge. Learn more.

Dr. Kira Radinsky is Israel’s $6M woman

Kira Radinsky NL.minThe 30 year-old SalesPredict co-founder and CTO (acquired by eBay) has just been appointed eBay Israel chief scientist. In a recent interview, Dr. Kira Radinsky discusses her future plans. Learn more.

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox women make their mark in high tech

Bright and airy, the work space at Comax is much like other Israeli high tech firms, except that a rabbi has carefully vetted its design to allow ultra-Orthodox women to work there. Learn more.

NY or The Valley? Israeli entrepreneurs have a clear answer

Many Israeli startups are now setting their US base in New York rather than Silicon Valley, given that it’s closer to Israel from a timezone perspective, as well as culturally. Learn more.

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  • Israeli group messaging startup, RedKix, raises $17M (Globes)
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