What’s possible when countries come together to collaborate around technology? Israel’s Security Agency has launched a worldwide challenge in the hopes of recruiting tech experts – who will succeed? Startup Nation goes to China via Israeli AI technology tracking drivers’ drowsiness. Israeli agtech startup CropX will deploy an automated irrigation network worldwide, based on their “Internet of Soil.” Israel and Brazil sign an R&D collaboration agreement to progress tech innovation and industrial R&D.

Startup Nation and beyond

See what 120 senior executives involved in AI tell Forbes, including mPrest, VAYAVISION, Sweetch, Taranis, Oxx, and Brodmann17. 

2018 saw Israel edge competition…but others are ‘catching up’: reflections from head of the Israel Innovation Authority. 

Through a simple needle procedure…Anti-tumor DaRT could point the way to new arsenal in battle against cancer.

Israel’s postal service is calling on startups to test their tech: Can implementing tech help Israel’s postal service overcome its “snail-mail” image?

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News from the industry 

“If you look at consumer adoption curves of major new technologies in the U.S. over the past 100 years, you’ll see interesting patterns in both growth and behavior change”: What’s Next in Consumer Startups? (Andreessen Horowitz)

Customer-Powered Product Development: How to Create Better Products & Increase Demand. (Influitive) 

Inside Energy investigates – Can carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology tackle climate change? (Inside Energy) 

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