Join me in feeling proud as we reflect on technology’s awesome impact in 2018! Social impact investing – can doing good coexist with ROI? P.S. Will we see you at CES? Check out our booth info below, plus watch the top news from our portfolio in 2018. Wishing us all a productive and impactful year ahead!

Startup Nation and beyond

2018 was an impactful year for our portfolio…watch a quick recap below, and be sure to join us March 7th, 2019, in Jerusalem to experience these amazing technologies for yourself. 

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Watch this Wall Street Journal video about another market where Israel is emerging as a world power…electric scooter usage.

Zebra Medical Vision will save human lives…Israeli healthcare AI start-up hunts for Zebras

Which Israeli team is Snapchat counting on to lift it out of the doldrums?

Top tech news this week 

News from the industry 

Atlassian President Jay Simons shares: How Atlassian Built a $20 Billion Business. (Battery Ventures) 

The 5G Smart Network: A paradigm shift that benefits VC’s and startups. (Qualcomm Ventures) 

The Founder’s Guide to Discipline: Lessons from Front’s Mathilde Collin. (First Round Capital)

The latest from OurCrowd

Will we see you at CES? Say hello and see our featured portfolio companies at the OurCrowd Pavillion, Booth #301. Check out our latest blog post: From Everyday Grocery Trips to Natural Disaster Response, OurCrowd’s Startups at #CES2019 are Making an Impact.

Proud of the first ever OurCrowd women’s forum bringing together 45 women from our three offices in Israel…

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We currently have 500+ open positions at our global portfolio companies. Here are a few of the most exciting:

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