The excitement around Beyond Meat is still sizzling as the company teams up with Dunkin’, has new plant-based products in store, and its stock continues to rise. Meanwhile, The Financial Times asks: Why does Israel lead the world in computer vision? Back at the office, we celebrated National Intern Day with WayUp. Read that and more below.

Startup Nation and beyond

“Humanoid robots are a familiar trope in popular culture, but is making machines look like us a little bit creepy and even potentially dangerous?” See what leaders in the field have to say, including Intuition Robotics CEO and co-founder Dor Skuler.

Forbes explores: Why WayUp Launched a National Holiday That Trends #1 Worldwide Every Year.

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Ten years ago, cars with built-in Bluetooth, GPS, and parking sensors were the domain of luxury vehicles. Now, even the most affordable economy level car has these features. The next 10 years in auto-tech promise to make the last few decades look like a warm-up. What will mobility look like a decade from now? (OurCrowd)

Solutions for Identity Fraud: Why BioCatch Behavioral Biometrics Are Leading the Market (BioCatch)

The latest from OurCrowd

This past week was National Intern Day, an amazing initiative by our portfolio company WayUp. OurCrowd is celebrating the 120+ interns that we’ve been lucky to have over the years – check out these stats:


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We currently have 500+ open positions at our global portfolio companies. Here are a few of the most exciting:

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