OurCrowd portfolio company CEO, Jacob Ner David (Linkedin) took a few minutes to sit with us to discuss teams and his hopes for changing the way businesses — and people — collaborate.

Jacob is a serial entrepreneur who has been deeply involved in pioneering communications technologies since 1996. As a co-founder of Delta Three, Jacob helped to reshape the global telecommunications landscape and in the process built a company that reached a $1.8 billion NASDAQ valuation.

Enter OurCrowd portfolio company, Zula

jacob ner davidJacob’s newest startup, Zula,  provides an innovative cloud-based mobile collaboration platform for teams. Jacob co-founded Zula with Jeff Pulver, pioneer of VoIP, social media master and early-stage investor in companies like Twitter and Foursquare. As a telephony pioneer with years of gained experience and specialty in telecommunications, Jacob aims to recreate how teams communicate and collaborate with Zula.

We’ll let Jacob tell his own story in the audio below but here are a few key points we touched on in our interview with Jacob Ner David, co-founder and CEO of Zula.



Here are some highlights with our interview with Jacob.

Internet mobility

“When mobile phones first started to become computers, if you will, we started to envision what the possibilities would be  to be walking around literally with the internet in your pocket. And as people who were very involved in the first generation of using the internet for communication and putting more and more of what we do, both voice and text,  as essentially bits and bytes running over the net, we started to think about how this would look like in X number of years.”

The changing nature of teams

“Companies [today] are multinational by their very nature, that’s just the way we have to work today… Everybody in terms of the global village is working like that, and that has a direct effect on the formation of teams around something in your work life.”

Where Zula comes in

“The approach that we at Zula are taking is that we respect that you live your digital life in lots of different places and you know people in many different ways. You might know someone from Linkedin, someone else in Facebook, another person in Twitter, somebody from email and somebody that you only have their mobile number, and you want to be able to invite all those people in the way that you know them to join a conversation right now without having to scramble around finding people’s contact information.”

Listen to the FULL interview

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