It’s probably no secret that at OurCrowd, it’s a full time job to communicate with all our constituencies. It’s very important for us to stay informed on what’s happening with our investors, our companies, and our partners and communicate important messages to them along the way.


One of the tools I habitually use to find out news on my network is called Newsle.

I’ve battled using Google Alerts, RSS feeds, and social media for years to stay on top of what’s happening in my network. With alerts, I’m bombarded with too many emails, adding to the problem of email overload. And RSS feeds are too passive to be used to stay abreast of current events. Social media is, well, just a firehouse of frequently useless information.

That’s why I like Newsle. It turns down the noise associated with staying in touch by filtering out the less essential stuff about my network. Instead, I get an email when something impactful is happening with my contacts. Maybe, they’ve switched companies, signed a large partnership, or been promoted — if they were, I want to know about it.

Newsle is a great way for sales, business development, and networkers to monitor their contacts’ activities.

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