When I was an analyst at a hedge fund, we were Bloomberg addicts. Our research, stock quotes, financial deep-diving — even our chat messaging system, everything ran through a Bloomberg terminal. If you’re investing in public companies, there isn’t anything close for a researcher.

As an angel investor, though, I’ve found that coverage of the startup industry is well… let’s just say it’s nothing near to Bloomberg.

Mattermark is trying to change all that.

the bloomberg for angel investors: Mattermark

Mattermark bills itself as where “big data meets venture capital”.

The company (which has a must-read free newsletter, by the way) tracks 200,000 startups around the world by profiling them, tracking millions of data points including location, stage, investment history + the more valuable traction metrics (web traffic, mobile downloads, social media following and engagement).

It’s not cheap — at $500/month/seat, it’s a tool for very active and larger investors in startups.

What do you use to research startups?

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