OurCrowd’s portfolio company Surgical Theater was been featured on Fox News, a leading American television news network. Surgical Theater has developed software that combines the science of flight simulation with advanced CT/MRI imaging technology to allow surgeons to perform a 3D “flight simulation” of surgery before the actual operation.

A Cleveland neurosurgeon and two ex-Israeli Air Force R&D officers have teamed together to apply flight simulation technology to a more benevolent purpose – aiding the sick.  Through their efforts, they have developed an FDA-approved surgery rehearsal program called Surgical Theater, which allows physicians to prepare and practice complicated brain surgery before they even enter the operating room.

With its wide range of capabilities, Surgical Theater can be used to practice a number of complicated brain procedures – such as removing a cancerous tumors and clipping a potentially deadly aneurysm.


Surgical Theater raised $580,000 from OurCrowd investors in April 2013 and $1,080,000  in its 2nd round of funding in January 2014.

Read more on Fox News here.