Last week’s App article mentioned Newsle, a tool we use to track and stay up to date on the activities of our constituents. So, anytime our Linkedin connections made the news, we’re alerted to it.


For more general news tracking, one of our favorite apps is Feedly. I was a heavy user of Google Reader, which was the search company’s news reader. But when Google announced at the end of last year that they were abandoning the product, many users were left stranded. Our business requires us to not only stay abreast of the 36 portfolio companies we’ve invested in and their markets, but also keep current on the crowdfunding market, our competition, and generally, attune to trends in startup investing land.

Our marketing team migrated to Feedly and we’ve been using it ever since. Load up the websites you want to follow, create tags of the type of information you’d like to follow, and discover new sources of quality content using Feedly. Using a reader like Feedly mitigates the need to travel to those handful of sites you read everyday — Feedly brings the content to you.

What do you use to consume the news?

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