At OurCrowd, our investor community runs the gamut — we have extremely experienced investors who have had a lot of exposure to investing in startups. We also have investors new to the asset class.

Regardless of what type of investor you are, you’re probably looking for tools to help you identify new investment opportunities and manage them better (or, you’re happy to work with a firm that does this for you…)

argo makes the rewalk device

Crunchbase is one of those tools. Owned by TechCrunch parent, AOL, Crunchbase has become almost a de-facto open database of startups and the people who invest in them. The site is run like a wiki, where anyone can add or edit the information.

As you can see from the image above, this is a listing for OurCrowd portfolio company, Argo Medical Technologies. You can read corporate information about the maker of the ReWalk device, view some videos about the technology helping paraplegics walk again, and see who’s invested in the company.

Crunchbase has its own API that interested and motivated investors can use to feed larger apps to drill-down on Crunchbase information. We update Crunchbase with investments we make — you can view the OurCrowd page on Crunchbase here.

Crunchbase is a powerful tool for investors to monitor companies they’ve invested in and identify potential investment candidates down the road (it’s also a cool app to conduct competitive intelligence on other investors/companies).