Great business ideas do not spring from innate creativity, or necessarily from the brilliant minds of people. Rather, great ideas come to those who are in the habit of looking for great ideas — all around them, all the time.

Join Andy Boynton, Dean of the Boston College School of Management and author of The Idea Hunter: How to Find The Best Ideas and Make Them Happen, and OurCrowd’s Zack Miller as they discuss the process great investors like Warren Buffett use to generate new ideas and make money from them, how to create an idea portfolio, what makes up a good idea vs. a bad one, and more.

This is part of an ongoing exploration we’ve had with our investor community at OurCrowd about ideas and creativity. To learn more about big ideas, check out


zack miller linkedinZack Miller is the Head of Investor Community at OurCrowd. Zack has been growing investment businesses for the past decade, holding senior leadership positions and consulting some of the top next-generation finance sites.

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Andrew BoyntonAndy Boynton is dean of the Carroll School of Management at Boston College and author of books about teamwork, innovation, and leadership, including The Idea Hunter.

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