Building scalable, repeatable processes is key to growing a startup into a much bigger concern.

Especially in a modern growth-oriented company, where teams are somewhat amorphous, you need the tools to quickly collaborate, help with workflows, and tweak as you go.

At OurCrowd, we use Asana to help with exactly this. Asana is our teamwork tool that helps us take our tasks off of email.

Asana at OurCrowd

Working with Asana is similar to working in your email/Outlook. You have different inboxes filled with tasks. You can add multiple people to the same task and even create simple workflows that require sequential collaboration on a particular project.

We have Asana tied into a few of our essential processes in-house at OurCrowd, triggering tasks and events that we use to manage our business. For example, when someone signs up on our website, there is regulatory scrubbing that gets kicked off and we do that in part, by creating a task in Asana. When it’s completed, the person in charge of the tasks marks it complete and it gets archived. So, for investors and entrepreneurs, there are lots of ways to incorporate Asana’s capabilities into your everyday work (like deal flow, money management, project management, etc.).

We also use project management tools like Basecamp and Trello but for sequential tasks that tie into our website and backoffice processes, Asana just works.

What do you use to manage your projects?