YuLife: Life insurance for millennials

“Life-insurance companies in the US and UK are waking up to the fact that they have a young-people problem,” The Atlantic reports in a profile of OurCrowd portfolio company YuLife, which it describes as “something of a cross between Fortnite and a Fitbit… But YuLife isn’t some “freemium” game subsidized by ads and microtransactions. The ultimate goal is to… sell life insurance.” CEO Sammy Rubin says he hired King Digital Entertainment, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, to turn his life-insurance product into a game—and just like that, YuLife had created a life-insurance metaverse. The company now has 400,000 customers, and one in three who have downloaded the app opens it every day. OurCrowd investors can still participate in the company’s $70M round. Watch our recent webinar with Sam Fromson, YuLife Co-Founder and COO, here.