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Milla logoMilla is a software platform that connects Internet enabled smart systems. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a current technological revolution, aiming to connect systems and devices to the Internet, increasing functionality and automation. According to a recent study at IDC, there are already over 10 billion systems that have already been connected to the Internet and that number is set to skyrocket in years to come.

Milla’s platform allows users to build what they refer to as “flows” to develop a customizable, interactive network of smart devices. For example, a user can program Milla with the instructions: “At 10PM, dim my lights, set the thermostat and turn on my stereo for optimal sleeping conditions.” Milla also plans to become a centralized marketplace for purchasing the smart systems used in their custom flows.

The IoT market’s recent traction is turning heads and transforming the way new technology is being developed. Tech giants Apple and Google have already made multi-million dollar acquisitions in the space, putting startups like Milla at the forefront of this hot market.


Briefcam logoBriefCam’s patented video technology platform compresses hours of video and surveillance footage, into a short video synopsis that can be segmented by time, color, speed, direction or location of objects. The firm’s technology addresses a major pain point in the current solutions used to detect significant events in the estimated trillions of hours of surveillance footage documented each year. Last year, BriefCam’s technology was used to swiftly identify and capture the perpetrators of the Boston bombing in 2013.

In addition to the Law Enforcement market, BriefCam’s technology can also be used by enterprise and consumer companies, valuing BriefCam’s potential market at an excess of $3 billion.

BriefCam was founded in 2007 by Dror Ironi at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dror was previously the CEO at ImageID (acquired by Zetes Industries in 2009) and was the regional director of now publicly traded company Comverse (NASDAQ: CMVT). OurCrowd is joined by prominent co-investors in this round of investment for BriefCam.


Covertix logoWe are currently living in the age of information. Today’s unprecedented access to content through the Internet has been a catalyst of growth in the global startup community. Cyber-security is perhaps the most important segment of information technology. Creating solutions to protect sensitive information and prevent security breaches is vital to companies everywhere.

Covertix’s technology has the ability to protect confidential files and documents, even after they leave a company computer. By embedding Covertix’s solution in each individual file, users can monitor their documents, even after they have been sent through email, saved to Dropbox or downloaded to a portable USB.

It is estimated that hackers steal over $250 billion of intellectual property each year. Covertix’s proprietary technology is one of the strongest to address the need to not only protect the system, but the data as well.

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