Now is the time for tech to drive the effort and support the global community in reversing the course of this coronavirus pandemic and help us establish a more successful, healthier and safer future. The tech world has the ingenuity, resources, imagination and drive to tackle the new challenges brought by COVID-19. Read more in this Al Jazeera op/ed published by Jason Greenblatt and myself. 

Last week saw a great example of tech moving fast and fixing things, with our company Kryon, a leader in robotic process automation. In just 48 hours they managed to complete a typically 1-2 month process and helped Maccabi Health Care Services move all of the Israeli Health Ministry’s coronavirus testing data into their core database. Read it in The Jerusalem Post, and watch my interview on the story with Kryon and Maccabi.

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Our portfolio company is helping Tableu make Johns Hopkins coronavirus data available – and that’s just the start. Join our next webinar, where CEO Brett Hurt will discuss the use of big data to solve COVID-19, and how is applying its technology to the current crisis. The webinar will take place Thursday, April 2nd at 7 PM Jerusalem, 12 PM New York, 9 AM San Franciscosign up here.

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This past week I started a new series on my LinkedIn: The Daily Dose. I am sharing one-minute insight videos based on the news, technologies, and stories I’m seeing and hearing each day. Click below to watch my latest, and follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to get them in your feeds: 

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Surgical Theater and George Washington University Hospital for the first time providing a 3D look at the significant damage done by corona to a patient’s lung: GWU uses VR to take you inside a coronavirus-damaged lung.

Featuring Neura: How digital surveillance in virus fight watches you more closely than any GPS.

Mike Telem, CEO of Kemtai, discusses and demonstrates the virtual personal training app in an interview on Israel’s i24 News.

Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, chief medical officer and chief innovation officer at Sheba Medical Center: “TytoCare has given us unprecedented clinic-quality insight into the health of our patients from afar. This not only helps keep our medical staff safe but helps prevent exposure between patients and the spread of the virus among the public.” Coronavirus: The role of tech from telemedicine to Star Trek-like devices.

As the deadly coronavirus pandemic continues to rage on, Israeli companies are stepping up to find innovative solutions. Meet the Israeli Tech Companies Fighting COVID-19 Head-On.

Chinese and Israeli companies team up to build COVID-19 testing facility.

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The reality of the corona crisis for startup companies – and really any business – is that they need to stay as relevant as possible in this new, uncharted environment. Take a look at some OurCrowd portfolio companies that are actually leading the fight by supporting medical professionals and patients, enabling working and learning remotely, and helping people stay fit while everyone is in stay-at-home mode.

Does opportunity rise from a crisis? At the 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, Former Alibaba VP, Porter Erisman, shared what he learned watching Jack Ma during the SARS outbreak. Watch this video to learn how the SARS crisis actually served as a key inflection point for the adoption of eCommerce, and read Porter Erisman’s piece on the topic, as featured in Business Insider.

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