This Week in Crowdfunding is a newly launched podcast series hosted by OurCrowd’s Zack Miller and David Stark, where they cover the best in Crowdfunding with a frank — and educational — discussion about the issues surrounding Crowdfunding. Every week, they interview successful entrepreneurs, deconstruct campaigns, and hear from the smartest people around on this transformative, massive financing trend.

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Neil Young may be a great rock and roller but he’s an even better crowdfunder. Young ran a rewards crowdfunding campaign that raised millions of dollars for his new music player, Pono Music. Young didn’t stop there — he went on to raise an equity crowdfunding campaign that was even more successful.

What’s Mr Cinnamon Girl’s secret sauce?

On this week’s TWiC, hosts Zack Miller and David Stark invited Rose Spinelli, of TheCrowdfundamentals fame and crowdfunding coach and teacher, on to the show to deconstruct Neil Young’s approach, what he did right/wrong, and what we can learn from his success.

In a first on TWiC, Rose offers a challenge to you listeners: if you’re willing to take the plunge and launch a crowdfunding campaign for an audio version of a DVR (she thinks this is just an awesome, necessary product), she’ll be willing to work with you — for free. Message the hosts and they’ll connect you.

Lastly, Watson on Crowdfunding examines a quiet new world of crowdfunding where large corporations raise money from the public in the form of bonds. Interesting and full of potential but is there more to the story?

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