One of the highlights at OurCrowd’s 2016 Global Investor Summit last month, was when Honda, Samsung, GE, and other major multinational corporation partners, along with global startups, presented the technology that will bring you the future of mobile, the future car, the future of healthcare, the future… world, basically.

Nick SugimotoOpening the “future of…” plenary series was Noaki “Nick” Sugimoto, Senior Program Director of Honda Silicon Valley Lab, presenting on the Future of Mobility. A successful serial entrepreneur, Nick oversees Honda’s advanced information technology R&D in Silicon Valley, as well as global strategic partnerships. Previously, Nick led the corporate venture capital program at Honda, where he invested in a number of innovative startup companies and built strategic R&D partnerships.

We asked Nick a few questions about collaborating with Israeli startups, Honda’s vision for the future of mobility, and what his own dream car would look like.

The future of mobility: Q&A with Nick Sugimoto

OurCrowd: You recently visited Israel, often dubbed the Startup Nation, for the 2016 Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem. What surprised you the most about this country?

Nick Sugimoto: Honda has worked closely with innovators in the Startup Nation for years, and we continue to be impressed with the ingenuity and quality of developments.

OurCrowd: What are next steps you plan to take for Honda Silicon Valley Lab in Israel?

Nick: We plan to kickoff activity with 2-3 Israeli companies this year – maybe even hosting one at our lab in Silicon Valley and hopefully returning to the OurCrowd Summit next year.

OurCrowd: At the Summit, you spoke about Honda’s vision for the future of mobility. What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to most within that vision?

Nick: A car with ubiquitous connectivity, a seamless HMI and ultimate safety.

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OurCrowd: What advice would you give to startups looking to help disrupt the automotive industry?

Nick: Make sure you work with the right partner. In the vehicle you essentially have lives in your hands, so while car companies may seem slow to move – it’s just diligence. Some car companies are able to de-couple things like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay which can be updated quickly and wirelessly from other things like vehicle control systems that require more time to  guarantee the safety of our customers and their families. Just make sure you are working with the right company at the right pace for your technology.

OurCrowd: How does your dream car look and function? 

Nick: Could be a robot in the car or the car itself, but whatever it is, my dream car does everything for me: concierge, driver, assistant. I’ll just kick my feet back and enjoy the ride.

Create the Future of Mobility with Honda Silicon Valley Lab…

Check out the video from Honda Silicon Valley Lab, shown at the 2016 Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem:

Watch Nick’s full presentation of the Future of Mobility at the 2016 Global Investor Summit.

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