OurCrowd’s portfolio company Neverware was featured on The Verge, an American technology news and media network. The company repurposes obsolete school computers though desktop virtualization to make them function better than they did when newly purchased.

The low-cost hardware was easy for school districts with tight budgets to appreciate, but the total savings went beyond the initial purchase. “Schools are all trying to get more hardware into the hands of students, and what they’re discovering is using a Chromebook and the Google infrastructure, the total cost of ownership is 70 percent lower then iOS or Windows,” says Ted Brodheim, who oversees education sales for Samsung, and helped forge a partnership with Neverware. “The cost of managing these complex systems that were really designed for very large enterprises, it just doesn’t lend itself to the school environment as well as Chrome does.”

While the economic benefits to schools are now clear, Brodheim says many districts are still passing on Chrome because they are afraid of the switching costs. “They are already struggling to maintain their legacy infrastructure [and] can’t afford to replace every device.” That’s where Neverware comes in.

Neverware raised $1,012,000 from OurCrowd investors in January 2014 and $107,424 in its 2nd round of funding in September 2014.

Read more on The Verge here.