OurCrowd portfolio company ReWalk, developer of the FDA approved ReWalk exoskeleton device, was featured on CBC News Network’s “The Lang & O’Leary Exchange.” In the interview, Amanda Lang and Kevin O’Leary talked with ReWalk CEO Larry Jasinski about how the exoskeleton invention provides powered hip and knee motion to enable individuals with a spinal cord injury to stand upright and walk.

Improvements in motion sensing technology and the advent of improved computers and batteries helped create a more natural form of motion that is not so difficult to learn for paraplegic users, Jasinski said.

“What Dr. Goffer did, he took the concept of using a motion sensor where the person can use their own body to tell this thing how to walk,” he said.


ReWalk raised $1,320,000 from OurCrowd investors in June 2013.

Read more and watch the segment on CBC News here.