OurCrowd’s Portland-based portfolio company Lucid Energy was featured in The Huffington Post, a leading online news source, content aggregator and blog. Lucid Energy is a renewable energy company that enables managers of large water infrastructure to generate low cost power by capturing energy embedded in moving water in their pipelines, without disrupting their operation and with no environmental impact.

Lucid Energy’s LucidPipe technology captures energy from fast-moving water inside of 24-inch to 96-inch gravity-fed pipe­lines, with no impact on their flow or operation. Each egg beater-like turbine spins to produce up to 100 kilowatts of constant renewable electricity, and multiple units can be installed into a single pipeline for a system that the company claims can generate more than a megawatt of electricity. The faster the water travels, the more power you get. (It performs best at velocities greater than four feet per second.)

Because LucidPipe technology is self-contained, installation is as simple as removing a piece of existing pipe and dropping the LucidPipe into its place. Installation usually takes about a day, and the generators can be connected to the grid within a week.

Lucid Energy raised $1,650,000 from OurCrowd investors in November 2012.

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