OurCrowd’s portfolio company SightDX was featured on Forbes, a leading business and finance magazine. The company is pioneering an innovative computer vision platform for cheaper, faster, and fully-automated blood diagnostics whose first application is the 300 million annual tests for Malaria worldwide.

Israeli tech startup, SightDX uses computer vision to scan blood samples in search for diseases of the blood and it does so better, faster, and cheaper than humans can. The startup was founded by a multi-disciplinary team of biologists, engineers, and software programmers that merged their talents in disease detection and vision analysis to create a versatile platform capable of multi disease detection.

“Creating a dynamic computer vision platform for blood diagnostics required us to merge expertise from numerous scientific and engineering disciplines. Our successful trials and commercialization of the malaria device demonstrates the proof of principle for the technology and paves the way for additional vision-based diagnostic applications on our platform.” — Yossi Pollak, CEO of SightDX

SightDX raised $1,460,000 from OurCrowd investors in January 2014.

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