OurCrowd portfolio company ElMindA was featured in The Times of Israel, an English-language news website covering Israel, the region & the Jewish world. ElMindA is the world’s first FDA-cleared neuronal functional assessment tool. ElMindA’s solution uniquely measures how different parts of the brain communicate by uploading measured neural activity into the cloud where proprietary algorithms map out neural association.

Israeli biotechnology firm ElMindA – developers of the world’s first FDA-approved neural functional assessment tool to visualize serious brain trauma and illnesses – has been named one of the 49 most innovative start-ups in the world by the World Economic Forum.

While most brain monitoring systems require the invasive insertion of a sensor inside the head, ElMindA’s BNA takes its measurements using a sensor-laden futuristic looking “helmet” that contains dozens of electrodes to measure activity through the skull. The sensors are able to measure the electronic activity of the brain at different points, with each sensor recording the activity associated with a specific brain function – thought, memory, activity, etc.


ElMindA raised $2,282,318 from OurCrowd investors in July 2015.

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