OurCrowd portfolio company MorphiSec was featured in Globes, the leading Israeli financial daily. MorphiSec has developed a cyber-security solution that morphs programs in order to make them invisible.

Israeli startup Morphisec, which develops cyber security prevention and detection tools, has closed a $7 million Series A funding round led by JVP, GE Ventures, Deutsche Telekom, Portage Advisors llc., and OurCrowd.

Morphisec’s patented suite of security defense tools protects enterprises against targeted and zero-day attacks utilizing the concept of polymorphism – in other words, by turning attackers’ tactics back on themselves. This innovative security method provides enterprises with the ability to detect attacks earlier than ever before, to block them, and to create fingerprint information of attacks.

MorphiSec raised $1,220,510 from OurCrowd investors in March 2015.

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