OurCrowd portfolio company Cimagine was featured in The Times of Israel, an English-language news website covering Israel, the region & the Jewish world. Cimagine hopes to boost sales and increase consumer confidence by providing a mobile platform on which to visualize merchandise three dimensionally in their intended locations.

From a small office in Yokne’am, an Israeli startup is supplying the technology for the largest-ever experiment in augmented reality (AR) technology to Shop Direct, the UK’s fourth largest retailer.

Using the company’s technology, Shop Direct has now digitized images of about 1,000 pieces of furniture. Using an app and a smartphone, customers can see exactly how the furniture would look in their living rooms or bedrooms without having to enter a showroom. Moreover, Cimagine said, Littlewoods.com shoppers can visualize these items in their homes from any angle or distance, at 10 times higher resolution than the industry standard.

Cimagine raised $389,071 from OurCrowd investors in July 2014.

Read more on The Times of Israel here.