OurCrowd’s portfolio company Pixie published a list of ‘The Top 30 Internet of Things Experts’ in Inc., a leading monthly publication and website focused on growing companies. Pixie is both a technology platform and a consumer product with the goal of keeping the things that matter to you — and to others — in sight.

To be sure, IoT is still in its infancy, but the details are getting clearer. As more and more devices are connected to the internet it’s apparent that the data between these connected physical devices will help people lose weight, drive smarter (or go driverless) take better care of our children, and monitor our homes […]

The thing is, we still can’t appreciate what the future holds for IoT. But we can turn to experts that are researching and subsequently communicating about the importance of the space in order to prepare for it […]

These thought-leaders have become the voices alerting the masses to what’s legit, what’s over-hyped, and what’s about to change our lives for good. To recognize these trustworthy, educated, and socially savvy voices, Pixie commissioned digital marketing agency Evolve! Inc. to identify today’s most knowledgeable and influential IoT voices.


Pixie raised $1,547,123 from OurCrowd investors in November 2014.


View the infographic and read more on Inc. here.