The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed today written by OurCrowd CEO, Jon Medved.

In the editorial, Jon talks about how recent U.S. regulatory changes to equity crowdfunding will open up new opportunities for investors and how these changes have positioned OurCrowd as a leader in its space.

Startups and businesses have taken notice. They have begun to use similar online crowdfunding platforms—but to gather investments. And thanks in part to the SEC’s new rule, the equity crowdfunding market is poised for rapid growth over the next decade.


A new class of angel investors, affluent individuals who invest personal funds in companies, is another byproduct of the burgeoning crowdfunding movement. These angel investors are no longer just former startup founders. They’re a younger, broader class of Internet-savvy investors ready to evaluate and pick deals online.

Read the full Wall Street Journal article here.

A version of this article appeared October 10, 2013, on page A17 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: An SEC Rule Change Opens a New Era for Crowdfunding.


Making Sense Of The JOBS Act: New Rules On General Solicitation

Apropos to our WSJ op-ed, on September 16th, OurCrowd held a webinar to dissect the SEC’s new rules on general solicitation. In the webinar, OurCrowd’s team discussed these new changes and examined the nuances of the JOBS Act, to make sure that investors are fully prepared to take advantage of these upcoming changes. View the webinar here.